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Nick Germain Handyman Services

Sometimes you just do not have the time?
Or perhaps you just dont know how to do something?
It may even be that you do not have the tools to do the job?

Now matter how big or little a job, please feel free to call text or email for a free quote.

From small jobs to large projects ... from putting up a shelf to fitting a kitchen ... call Nick Germain Handyman Services on 01527 550471.

Did You Know?

"25% of people under 35 cannot change a light bulb!"
"38% of people under 35 do not know where the stop cock is!"
"44% of people cannot change a Tap washer!"

As quoted on the One Show - BBC 1

So if you simply need a handyman to help out - no matter what size of job simply get in touch for a free quote.

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